CFP: One day workshop by Economic History Dept (UZ), 6 October 2018

One day workshop hosted by the Economic History Department, University of Zimbabwe and sponsored by Young Scholars Initiative and Economic Thinkers Zimchapter


Theme: Making Economic Thinking Relevant: Conversations with Alumni,

 6 October 2018

Venue: University of Zimbabwe

 Call for Participants

The development of economic thinking in African has largely been advanced by economics and economic historians. Even then, this economic thinking has largely been modelled along western epistemologies. The result has been than economic thinking has by and large been removed from African realities. Two major challenges face African economic thinking in Africa, the first is methodological and thus related to research and the second is relevance. The economic history department in partnership with the Zimbabwe Chapter of Rethinking Economics (Economic Thinkers – ZimChapter) and the Young Scholars Initiative seek to assist in both these challenges working largely with Economic Historians. The partnership seeks to address specifically the challenge of relevance. Future partnerships will try to address the methodological challenges as well. It is within this context that the department of Economic history seeks to bring alumni of the discipline already placed in the job market to speak to teachers and students about the economic thinking that is relevant in the market place. Alumni have the advantage of facing practical realities about economic processes and how to deal with everyday realities and therefore are better placed to speak to current curriculum and how it should be modelled to become more relevant.

As Economic Historians, we have also not sufficiently fronted the cause of Economic History let alone push it to the high echelons of various processes, academic or otherwise. Rarely do we even see economic history as a profession where rigorous economic thinking is inculcated. Often one is asked what they would become if they do economic history and you would understand when they mince words and struggle to define their spaces and places in the market place. We believe strongly that Economic History is little understood by not only the world out there but also by even students taking it. Following our successful Alumni workshop held on the 21ST of October 2017 themed Economic History Symposium on Study Prospects, Global and National Career Opportunities, the Economic History Department with its partners will once again host another workshop this year on 6 October 2018 themed Making Economic Thinking Relevant: Conversations with Alumni. The workshop will also help raise greater awareness about the discipline and its potential for graduates taking the degree programme.

Ultimately, the workshop also hopes to underscore the need to remodel economic thinking along changing trends and market realities. An Economic Historian is a versatile being able to become a researcher, economic planner, adviser, development practitioner and evaluator, among other things.  The workshop will be a reminder too that Economic Historians have been trained to understand labour processes, political processes, ideological and social processes especially as they relate to economic processes. There are no other better individuals to help us drive these points home more emphatically than our alumni who now practice and apply their training in Economic History to everyday realities.

In many ways the workshop also builds on the University’s 2016-2020 strategic plan which encourages networking and synergies. The workshop seeks to build a greater relationship with its alumni and, by extension, communities beyond the University`s borders. These synergies, it is hoped, would yield partnerships in innovative pursuits in both academia and the market place.

In total, it is hoped that the workshop with attract some 200 from current and former economic history students, researchers or economic history and everyone that identifies with the discipline. A limited number of A’ level students doing Economic History will also be invited. They will be no registration fees and participants are expected to cater for their own travel and accommodation. If you are interested in participating in this workshop, please register your name on this link: or send an email to Carlington Marowa at only if you have challenges with the link.

Due date for registration is 26 September 2018

Workshop organisers

Ushehwedu Kufakurinani, Carlington Marowa, Eric Makombe, Peter Uledi, Tinashe Takuva


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